fly away
words will be just words... till you bring them to life.
happy birthday sunshine, i’m so proud of you, because you did it, you’re playing today in a stadium, you’re living your dream, you’re on the top of the world, and seriously i can’t explain how proud i am (i know i said it million times, but it’s true) you’ve been always that kind of person who don’t give a shit of what medios thinks about you, you’ve been always that person who lives the life, you’re amazing like that and i’m so afraid if someone tries to change you, DON’T because we all love the way you are, we all love the way you sing, all of us loves all of you, all your perfect imperfections, ALL, thanks for changing my life because since i met you and the boys it’s getting better, just T H A N K S
you’re the best person in the world, thanks for making me laugh and smile, thanks for being there and thanks for helping me when nobody did, you save me srsly i love you more than everything, i promise i’ll hug you someday even if it isn’t easy, i will fight till the end and i won’t give up because you give me hope

@5SOS: He brought a pillow for today, smart boy

Fuck you and your arms. x